Home Theater and Audio Design

The home theater experts at TKO Security are here to help if you are interested in a home theater system. We can gain an understanding of your vision for your home theater, answer your questions, and explain your options to you. There are basic, quality sound and viewing systems, to hi-tech, app controlled systems. You can create a scene automating related events. For instance, if you want to enjoy a home movie, you can turn on the TV & audio, dim the lights, lower the shades and set your thermostat, all with a preset on your phone. The apps can be shared through multiple users in the family.

Intercom Systems

Today’s intercom systems can be more than just a button to talk to another room. You can converse with someone at the entrance door, view video of who is outside, and with devices like the Ring.com doorbell, you can answer your door from anywhere in the world, so no one knows you’re not home. With our smart home technology, we can set up a remote to unlock your door if your child is locked out or an unexpected guest arrives.TKO Security will advise you on what the right equipment is for what you have in mind. We will assist you in choosing the right package by selecting the one that best suits your needs. You will be presented with a personalized plan based on your environment and provide a one-stop solution